Reset Challenge

Challenge Ideas and Healthy Habits to reset your life

Let us help you with some Reset Challenge ideas

Here are a few challenge ideas to get you started. These examples are based on establishing healthy habits, which are so important in a young person’s recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Health Challenge:

Take time to reset for positive mental and physical health. A Health Challenge might be, commit to ‘unplug’ for 30 minutes a day from technology and spend this time in natural setting.

Fitness Challenge:

Commit to at least 30 mins or 30 repetitions of an exercise of your choice, such as sit ups or running to help form a healthy habit and get fit!

Family Challenge:

This challenge is about reconnecting with your family. Spend time each day during September doing an activity together, such as cooking dinner or getting outdoors to play instead of watching TV!

(Don't forget to share your challenge and progress with your supporters!)

You can always come up with your own. Here are a few more examples:

Challenge Idea 1

Health Challenge idea

For the next 30 days, let your inner creative out! Learn a piece of music, learn to dance, learn to sing, or learn a language.

Challenge Idea 2

Fitness Challenge idea

Run, walk, swim, jump, sit up, push up, squat or crunch! Leave your limits behind, and start your Reset Fitness challenge now!

Challenge Idea 3

Family Challenge idea

Set yourself a challenge this September to spend just 30 minutes more each day as a family, getting outdoors to exercise/play, walk the dog, make and eat dinner together, read books instead of watching TV, complete a puzzle or two..

Challenge Idea 4

Wellness Challenge idea

We’re in a very different working world at the moment. Take the time to meditate, practice yoga or read a book for 30 minutes before or at the end of your day, for 30 days. It's important to keep a check in on your not only your physcial health, but also your mental health.

Challenge Idea 5

Health Challenge idea

Give something up for September - alcohol, take away food, sugar, technology. One simple change in your daily routine, will be a positive change for your mind and body.

Challenge Idea 6

Mental Health Challenge idea

Set yourself a daily challenge to connect or reconnect with those near and far in your life. Make a phone call, send an email, write a letter, go for coffee or catch up virtually. Spending time connecting with others is so important for good mental health.